apie1We are Evandželina and Arimantas, “Alto Paradas” owners.

The story of our kennel started when we first bought a dog of our dreams – a German Shepherd. Little by little our basic supervision of the dog became our lifestyle: morning walks, weekend getaways to the nature, trainings with profesionals and every day improvements towards the love and respect of eachother. This led us to the establishment of the kennel. We are more than happy to share our experience to everyone.

We plan our litters together with experts of breed. We select the couples that have the best genetic compatibility, mental characteristics and health test results to ensure our litter will have all the best characteristics of German Shepherd breed.

While puppies grow, we ensure the most imporant things for their healthy development. Doggies have a spacious yard for their active games and this improves their agility, speed and makes their body elegant. We feed our puppies with the highest quality food and dietary supplements which is a must in the early days of the puppy. We care about the psychology and physiology of our puppies, so we provide them opportunities to meet other people and other dogs.
All the dogs we sell are vaccinated and healthy, they also are evaluated by the experts and have ID microschemes implanted. Every single puppy has an EU pet passport.

Before you buy a doggy, you have to answer few question to yourself:
  • Are you ready to make a commitment for a new family member thats will need your attention and love for the next 10-14 years?
  • Do you understand that dogs can get hurt, sick and you will need to take care of them?
  • Children will not take care of the dog even if they say so. Are you ready to take a FULL responsibility of a new family member?
  • Will you take the dog together if you had to move out to a different place?
If all the questions above were answered YES, then you are welcome to come and choose a new family member. You are more then welcome to contact us – we will always consult and advise you on any doubs or questions you have. We are ready to help!